• Driven by love

    for God, and love for all

  • Known for its generosity

    towards each other and
    the community

  • Vibrant in praise and worship,

    filled with life &
    passion for Jesus

  • Attractive to people of all ages and

    unites them as one family
    through love and loyalty

  • Fully committed to serving practically using the gifts of the

    Holy Spirit within the church
    & communities in our city

  • Challenging, empowering and disciplining people to live faith-filled

    lives & stand strong
    in times of adversity

  • Actively restoring people, buildings and

    communities through the
    power of God and prayer

  • Fun and life filled, where people are

    free to be themselves as
    they journey with God

  • Operating in justice, walking in peace & releasing his

    kingdom in all spheres
    of influence