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Dave and Lizzi moved from Stoke on Trent to take on the church when they were strongly directed by God to do so.

Dave previously worked as a high school teacher in Stoke and led the men's ministry at his previous church, CGC Stoke.

Dave also works for an examination board leading teams of examiners and has a lot of input in the educational world.

Lizzi left England and her CGC church in Chelmsford to receive training in worship at a thriving Australian church before returning to the UK where she gained experience in two further CGC churches. Lizzi worked as a youth pastor in CGC Paisley and as the women's ministry leader at CGC Stoke.

They have four amazing children called Leah, Elijah, Nevaeh and Cassia. They also have a dog called Xena The Brave.

They love the church and are passionate about empowering people to live out their callings from God.

Driven by love for God and love for all people.

Known for its generosity towards each other and the community.

Vibrant in praise and worship, filled with life and passion for Jesus.

Attractive to people of all ages and unites them as one family through love and loyalty.

Fully committed to serving practically using the gifts of the Holy Spirit within the church and communities in our city.

Challenging, empowering and discipling people to live faith-filled lives that stand strong in the face of adversity.

Actively restoring people, buildings and communities through the power of God and prayer.

Fun and life filled, where people are free to be themselves as they journey with God.

Operating in justice, walking in peace and releasing His kingdom in all spheres of influence.

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